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I’m a UX designer, problem solver, content consultant and self-professed story fanatic. I love creating solutions that can help people achieve their goals and destination faster .

Hi! My name is Rebecca (Ruiping) Yang, and I am a UX Designer with a background and experience in engineering. Or as I would like to put it, I am transiting from “Design by human” to “Design for human”.

My first exposure to the idea of human-centered design was through a first-year engineering design course at the University of Toronto. The course was about applying human factors to engineering design, and since then I was attracted to design products in different fields, being able to spot those human-centered design details makes me appreciate more about the product and solution. After joining BrainStation for the UX design diploma program, I was pleased to see that engineering design and UX design shared a lot in common, which the core is having the user being the center of the design.

My experience in engineering provides me with a solid foundation to approach problems with a structural mindset, combining with my experience in academic research, I was able to transfer and apply similar research techniques to the UX field.

I always have this question in mind “How can I help you to make your life better than yesterday through engineering and design? ” Receiving education in engineering was my first move, being a UX designer is my next move.

I am open to working in user experience research and user experience design fields and am always excited in taking on new challenges and concepts.








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